About Us

The Whale Logistics was built in 2022 with the sole vision of “to optimize Indonesia’s connection to the international market.”

We collectively choose this vision because we recognize that Indonesia is in need of a new, optimized shipping structure.

Being the largest archipelagic nation in the world the geography of Indonesia dictates the maritime sector to play an significant role in the national economy.

However, Indonesia’s logistic structure currently remains in relatively poor condition as previously highlighted in the 2018 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) census where Indonesia ranked 46th out of 160 countries.

Poor connectivity in Indonesia infrastructure drives the country’s logistics costs upward, making imported goods more expensive to the Indonesian consumers, while at the same time, also making export-bound Indonesian goods more inaccessible in the International market.

From here, we decided to help reform Indonesia’s shipping infrastructure and to connect this nation to the whole world.

Reliable Logistics Company
Indonesia's Logistics Sector

Prior to establishing The Whale Logistics, we have worked in the freight forwarding industry for 3 years.

Since the beginning, we have collaborated with various companies and individuals to provide customers with creative and flexible logistics solutions for their business needs.

We have arranged shipments of normal and dangerous goods, secured stable supply of space and equipment during the COVID pandemic-ravaged shipping situation, provided customers with their import and export regulatory needs and quotas, and also consulted new business owners (often micro-scale businesses) to solve their import and export needs.